Howto open the XP731 (and change the hard disk!)

A couple of month after buying a used JVC XP731 the hard disk failed. Fortunately I detected the failure early and no data was lost. Opening the JVC XP731 is quite a challenge. The only way to replace the harddrive is to take the machine completely appart. The procedure took me about an hour.

On the back of the machine there are three screws holding a circular lid, one screw for the battery and four screws in each corner of the casing. You have to get a special T-7 security torx screwdriver for these screws.

Now you can remove the keyboard. It is fixed only with plastic clips. Remove the eight(?) screws below the keyboard.

After that the black top of the computer can be moved, but it is still connected by the two hinges of the display. Move the display to a 180 degree position. Remove the metalic looking covers of the hinges. The covers have small plastic clips in the direction of the keyboard. You may push at these with a screwdriver.

Disconnect the cables from the black top and remove the top. The systemboard is attached to the bottom of the computer by three(?) other screws. To remove the systemboard you have to pull the antenna cables back throu the hole in the systemboard.

The harddrive, fan and minipci wificard is on the back of the systemboard. It is a 2.5" HD.

Have Fun!